Bronx, NY

Position Desired

IT/Computer, Software Developer/Programmer
New York City, NY


Professional Summary

I am a full stack developer with 5+ years of experience in both frontend and backend technologies. Built client-side applications using ReactJS. Incorporated servlets with Hibernate and Spring boot to support the server-side. Expertise in core Java development using OOP, Design pattern, java collection framework and multi-threaded programming. Also, I followed the Agile Methodology to build projects. Result driven, highly motivated, quick learner, enthusiastic about learning new technology and solving challenges. Emphasize and use precise data structure and algorithmic efficiency to program optimization.

• Extensive experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Spring, Hibernate, Java and SQL.
• Used HTML to structure web pages and CSS to design them
• Incorporated Bootstrap to build a responsive website with a mobile-first approach.
• Utilized the ReactJS library to develop the single-page dynamic application.
• Implemented routing from the React router library to change the view component of the client-side application.
• Utilized Redux & React Redux library in ReactJS to control and build complex state management system.
• Created multiple endpoints with Spring MVC, Spring Data Rest to talk with the client-side applications.
• Created servlets using javax.servlet package so that the client-side can send requests to the server.
• Deployed servers using Apache Tomcat.
• Incorporated Hibernate with Spring MVC to create dialect independent SQL database implementation.
• Constructed queries using SQL to create, manipulate and aggregate RDBMS.
• Utilized JUnit testing to test the stability of the methods with different input.
• Used Maven for dependency management.
• Build applications with Jenkins installed in the AWS EC2 instance.
• What is Data Science offered by IBM from Coursera
• Create your first multithreaded application in java offered by project network from Coursera.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering with GPA 3.78

Technical Skill Summary
Programming Languages
Java, Scala, Python, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, C++

Client-Side Technologies
ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Material-UI, Material-Tailwind

Server-Side Technologies
Java, Spring Boot, Spring Reactor, Servlets, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito

Hibernate, H2, AWS RDS, Spring Data, Postgres, MySQL

GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Kubernetes, Terraform, Nexus, Ansible

Feign Client, Eureka, Centralized Config Server, Kafka, Event Driven Development using Axon framework

AWS Cloud Service
EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Load Balancer, S3, Nginx, SNS, Lambda, CloudFront, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Amplify, DynamoDB

Professional Experience

Lime Trading Corp, New York, NY. May 2022 – May 2023
Full-Stack Software Engineer

• Design and build web app using NextJS so that internal user can monitor orders, trades, trade entries which are coming from trade API.
• Build RESTful web services for Orders, Trades, Trade Entries and Compliance Query Tools for generating reports.
• Develop and maintain APIs to support high-frequency trading platform.
• Refactored existing Java source code to enhance functionality.
• Utilized Spring Cloud to run a microservice ecosystem with Spring Cloud Gateway and Eureka.
• Used docker container to deploy spring boot microservices in AWS
• Used REST Assured to unit test Spring controller endpoints.
• Leveraged Swagger to document and manually test RESTful endpoints.
• Used Puppeteer for automation testing for the UI.

Java, R...

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