Janesville, WI

Position Desired

Administrative & Clerical, Customer Service
Janesville, WI


A-anda Schreider
lanesvlle, Waconsin 535e8
hts://beld pra/my/tanaciouetmirkl
rolessional Summary
bivin 1o Sycceed Ospwniaed and
lependable candilate successful at
managing muitiple prisrites wtha
postve alitude Wilingress to taie on
added respora balikies to net tcam goals
To seek and maim ain ful-time position
that offers prolessional challenges
tilzng interpersonal shils, eacellen
birse management antd grebiem-solving
Custorer Deiverias
Shoching and Parglenshing
Brand Lopalty
Shipment Processing
Vehicle Muintsnance
Clent Rappart-Buling
Plan Routes
Veriying Delveries
Sate Driving
Comples Poblem-Solving
Customer Service
Manage Orders
Credit Card Applcations
Accurate Cash Handling
Work History
August 2016- November 2022
Best Buy- Madaon. W
Smal Package Dvivery
buliered packuges ts customer dorstpn
and business oflices.
Completed on-time deiveries by choosing
best and most elliclort routes.
M aintaired clean driving record and
obeerved relevant traffit laws 1o redact
perated vthicle sadety in highly
congested areas with ro trallic violations
ited, lowered and cavried packages
tpcaly weighng 30 pounds thecugheut
regular courte ot delvery
Utilzed GPS to plan delivery routes wth
ocus an alficiancy ad deading
onded truck and porperty secured fema
ta grevent damage far deivarics
aft notfications of attemgted deiveries
for packages recuiring Hignatures alertirng
recipierts cf scheduied future amtempts or
hore location hulding package for pick-vo
lundied packages caretuly observing
indcations cn packaging af fragle
coments and conterts sensitive to
aristora in 1patinl eriertaon kaping
froim turning upside-down.
wkrmed walk avound on deivery whide
efara beginning shift ta verify carrect and
tafe cperating order.
Kapa detailed records of completed cr
in progress dellveries using hand-held
devices and camera imuagtt.
Fostered pistn warking elationships
with regular customers
Promctid cuitomr sutistaction by
addresting cr escalating conctans for
quick resoltion
Identified mechanical issues.complsted
basic repairs and meperted serious
concerna to maragemem.
Optrated Ight trucks to deliver ioads as
far as.30 miles from home location.
Avgust 2016- Sestember 2020
Sest Buy- Janeswille, W
lsset Protection Specialist
Leveraged survellance and
imeligenoe-led tactics to fonter safety
and security while minimizing campany
Revianed CCTV and audned EAS and
exceptian reports to identfy dishooest
activity. theft and fraud
Prrpared case reperti prestrved evidiret.
imeracted with lswr enforcement and
testfied in criminal and chel court actiom
to facilitate prosacution.
Led physical sesurity and safety culture
through training and bypromoting sale
and secure standardi,
Wote reports forinternal and exeral
Gime burglary. or theft.
Jtilzed zecurity syatems and CCTV 10
montor atore actwaas and detect
poasktie securfy inoidents
bulit prcfessional relationships with loca
aw enforcemant and other related
Checkhed CCTV for evidence df
Invuigsed and reported any autpicious
activity to local law enfprcement and stiore
management to obtain qulck response
Imglemerted lots grevorton trar0ge1
and programs to minimize shrinkape.
aintained secure ervirornent by
reg.larly checking store promises and
mpuctng wou esuipet.
Copt porona and amplopees safe and
from oriminal actiin
eparted hazardovs or unsafe conditions
to managamen 10 raduce risk of injury
Prepared case reports, preserved evidence,
meracted with iswr emiorcement and
testified in criminal and civil count actions
to facilitane proecution
Augutt 2016 - August 2018
Sest Bluy- Janesville. W
Sustomer Strvict Speialst
Maintained customer satisfaction with
forward-thinking stratogies focusedon
ddressing customer needs and resolving
Addressed customer complaints and
nitignied dssalisfaction by emploring
timely and on-peint solutions.
fook puynt inform ation and cthe
pertinent information such as addresses
and phone numtors t0 place orders.
kchierd high satistection rating tlrough
proacive one-cal renolitions ofcustomet
kesalved concerns mith products o
services to help with retention nnd dote
Cempled with eerpany palicies and
procedures by encoursgirg pasitive and
+Hect/ve work erwvegament among
olied banc aaies aratrgy te ergap
ovtomers and prevent toletiors to sut
Individual ncods
Nveleped customer srfce imprerement
ntativts to decrease cuttomtr wa
Reinforced estatlished quslity contyo
tandards and foloned procedurvs for
optimal customer interactions
Handled cvetomer ingudries and
tuppstions courteouily and
Activoly Ietened 15 cuttomers, hardied
concerns quicily and vicaltod major
sue5 to
vnewared custorer telephone calls
promety to aroid on-hold wait times.
tespanded to customer requests to
products. services, and company
Participated in tam meetings and
training sssions to stay inormed about
product updstes and changes.
roceszed oustomer sarvice arders
prompey 1o ingrease customgr
fook payment information and otho
pertinera intor ation such as addresses
and phone numbers to place orders
Addressed customer co=plaints and
mtsgated dssatisfaction ty ereloying
timely and on-point solutions
PiznHut- Ja...

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